The framework uses various 3rd-party libraries, some are packaged inside the scripts, others are lazy-loaded from a CDN for better performances.

Packaged libraries

These libraries are included in the framework and constitute some of its building blocks.

3rd-party libraries packaged in the front-end framework
Library Version Role
jQuery 1.11.3 Base JavaScript library for DOM traversal and manipulation, event handling and ajax requests
TouchSwipe 1.6.12 A jQuery plugin that adds support for touch events on mobile devices
jQuery Autocomplete 1.2.24 A jQuery plugin that adds asynchronous auto-complete to search forms
Normalize.css 3.0.3 CSS normalization of default browser styles
html5shiv 3.7.3 HTML5 sectioning elements support for legacy Internet Explorer
Respond.js 1.4.2 CSS3 media queries polyfill for browsers that do not support it
RequireJS 2.1.20 JavaScript file and module loader
zeptojs 1.1.6 JavaScript library for modern browsers

CDN libraries

These plugin libraries are lazy-loaded on demand from cdnjs for better performances.

3rd-party libraries lazy-loaded by the front-end framework
Library Version Role
highlight.js 8.0 Syntax highlighting for the Web
MathJax 2.3 JavaScript display engine for mathematics (LaTeX, MathML & AsciiMath)
marked 0.3.1 A markdown parser and compiler