v0.28.0 - 2018.08.28

  • Remove search filters
  • Remove autocomplete

v0.27.5 - 2018.08.22

  • Fix search 'This website'
  • Fix links in header

v0.27.4 - 2018.07.18

  • Add EPFL Middle East Section in header
  • Fix sub section in changelog

v0.27.3 - 2018.07.02

  • Fix server name in templates and includes
  • Update dev dependencies

v0.27.2 - 2018.06.11

  • Remove timestamp in ajax request for header
  • Fix link in header
  • Fix ajax cors
  • Clean readme

v0.27.1 - 2018.04.04

  • Improve README
  • Disable package-lock.json
  • Fix logo size with mobile

v0.27.0 - 2018.04.03

  • Improve svg fallback
  • Fix autocomplete position
  • Fix bfdocs path
  • Fix dependencies
  • Fix color of logo (color too dark in previous)
  • Fix inline style in header
  • Copy the archive during the deployment to download project

v0.26.1 - 2017.11.21

  • Fix resolution of html lang attribute
  • Fix html of headers (remove extra tag ul & strong)
  • Fix related links
  • Fix grunt-contrib-coffee version

v0.26.0 - 2017.10.18

  • Set cookie (from Cookie Consent) on localhost and external domain
  • Remove protocols in header

v0.25.0 - 2017.10.11

  • Add science and society link in header
  • Add Travis-CI testing
  • Fix image visual.jpg
  • Fix scoped style in documentation
  • Fix HTML tag in documentation
  • Fix typo in README.md
  • Clean Google Analytics example (with anonymization)
  • Remove injection of CSS in Cookie Consent

v0.24.0 - 2017.08.29

  • Add cookie policy banner
  • Update package grunt-w3c-html-validation
  • Fix unclosed element b
  • Remove HTTP in css
  • Remove HTTP in docs
  • Remove useless example Thumbnail Box (not in doc)
  • Remove tag on grunt bump

v0.23.1 - 2017.06.13

  • Show complete news title
  • Update copyright date
  • Fix some unit tests

v0.23.0 - 2017.03.20

  • add ip anonymization in analytics
  • specifies automatic cookie domain configuration

v0.22.12 - 2016.04.27

  • change dimensions EPFL Logo
  • Update link in EPFL banner

v0.22.9 - 2016.04.14

  • New logo EPFL

v0.22.8 - 2016.03.18

  • How to integrate the EPFL banner in a site
  • Change "Help" link in EPFL banner
  • Examples: Standard Popup Image & Popup Image for downloading
  • Update library documentation

v0.22.6 - 2016.08.01

  • Slideshow delay to 7 sec
  • Adding horizontal bar for Portal layout

v0.22.2 - 2015.10.30

  • Image section to help users
  • Creation Thumbnail Box
  • Add mail button

v0.22.0 - 2015.10.12

  • Final Integration of vertical navigation in horizontal navigation for mobile device
  • Carousel Slideshow with custom controls
  • Carousel With custom controls and cycleItems=True
  • Authorisation https in search bar

v0.21.3 - 2015.09.03

  • First Integration of vertical navigation in horizontal navigation for mobile device

v0.20.3 - 2015.06.22


  • feat - Organigramme add hashed-bg class to create hashed backgrounds
  • feat - auto-add code examples in the doc
  • fix - search form in the doc to use the new form-input-group logic
  • feat - improve mainnav/epflnav/search loading to avoid jumping/flickering

v0.20.2 - 2015.06.18


  • feat - style select inputs in IE9+
  • fix vertical alignment on form input group
  • fix remove border on auto truncate

v0.20.1 - 2015.06.16


  • suppression warning in people section

v0.20.0 - 2015.06.15


  • Generic search form for actu et memento section
  • Improving People for enac faculty
  • Bug left menu on a first level faculty page
  • Bug logo EPFL cut in Firefox

v0.19.1 - 2015.06.06


  • Update bandeau with last content
  • Red title in bandeau
  • Suppression soulignement bandeau

v0.19.0 - 2015.06.04


  • Adding responsive-embeds for video
  • Refactoring people on 4 columns
  • Bug checkbox & radio buttons on mobile
  • Bug au-truncate for memento & alignement code source with html
  • Alignement code source with html for actu

v0.18.0 - 2015.05.20


  • Refactoring people on 1/2 columns
  • Adding actu 4 images vertical/horizontal
  • Elimination zoom effet layout/boxes size:l/xl/xxl
  • Bug au-truncate for memento

v0.17.0 - 2015.05.12


  • Adding study plan
  • Adding people on 1/2 columns

v0.16.0 - 2015.05.04


  • Creation memento calendar
  • Improving memento box for mobile in sub-pages
  • Improving actu box in sub-pages
  • Adding datatables compatibility in doc
  • Fix adding .btn-multiline-list for buttons on more lines
  • Fix truncate removes all text on small devices

v0.15.0 - 2015.04.17


  • Add icon-home and social widgets
  • Improving memento box for mobile
  • Improving actu box
  • Adding horizontal bar
  • Adding separation white lines between boxes in tablette/mobile mode

v0.14.0 - 2014.11.09


  • Add possibility to disable font size increase in big screens using .site-no-sizeadjust
  • Fix select dropdown icon position on firefox

v0.13.4 - 2014.11.01


  • Add new icon and update message styles accordingly
  • Fix search form
  • Keyboard navigation on menubar sub-items
  • Fix input fields not working in some browsers


  • Fix icons vertical alignment

v0.13.3 - 2014.09.03


  • Fix custom search and its documentation
  • Fix various labels in search form for better clarity and rendering


  • Try fixing icon font problem reports by moving the start codepoint
  • Fix letter spacing on global navigation items and paddings on panels
  • Fix search and global nav buttons highlight color
  • Fix top margin on global header
  • Adjust height for media visuals on mobile devices


  • Fix styleguide not including css/js/jpg files from the theme

v0.13.2 - 2014.07.15


  • Add charset and description meta tags to the templates and doc
  • Add favicon.ico path to templates and doc


  • Fix banner image size
  • Adjust icon line height
  • Adjust mainav color on mobile devices


  • Remove tabindex when leaving accessibility link targets to avoid mouse focus
  • Fix auto-truncate (ellipsis)


  • Accessibility improvements
  • Fix incorrect tab numbering
  • Update human.txt
  • Update visual image
  • Add auto-truncate example

v0.13.1 - 2014.07.09


  • Fix JS loading issues on IE7


  • Adjust vertical alignment on icons
  • Fix themed headgins color


  • Fix some typos
  • Update git repository link

v0.13.0 - 2014.07.03


  • Add support for pagination navigation
  • Add support for plain icon buttons
  • Add various rel attributes to links for better SEO


  • Improve support for un-styled lists
  • Fix media element height when not in list
  • Do not speak out presentation only element on screen readers


  • Improve tree widget accessibility
  • Fix scripts not loading when missing require call in the footer


  • Add Google Analytics documentation
  • Update custom scripts documentation

v0.12.1 - 2014.06.25


  • Fix website name template example
  • Add documentation for add new icons


  • Add 'more' icon and fixed some others

v0.12.0 - 2014.06.25


  • Fix some accessibility issues
  • Follow 1st child link when mainnav link is just a toggle
  • Add test suite


  • Adjust media list margins
  • Add missing neutral CSS theme
  • Fix vertical alignment on buttons
  • Add media banner (media-banner)
  • Add support for disabled buttons (btn-disabled) and menu items (menu-item-disabled)
  • Add support for disabled and active toolbar items (toolbar-item-disabled, toolbar-item-active)
  • Add support for nested tabs
  • Small adjustments


  • Fix JS trim error on IE, switch to jQuery's trim instead
  • Fix no-tracking libraries still including google analytics code
  • Fix basic destroy procedure, and validate toggle and tooltip destruction
  • Ignore events on disabled widgets
  • Various fixes


  • Add jQuery module documentation
  • Add media banner examples
  • Update buttons, menubar and toolbar examples
  • Fix links to file includes
  • Add example of collapse working with mouseenter/mouseleave event

v0.11.0 – 2014.06.06


  • Fix JS errors on older browsers (IE<9)
  • Fix no-tracking JS loading


  • Fix some XS styles do not overwrite S styles
  • Add s-grid to overwrite default grid on tablets
  • Add in-line icons


  • Fix templates path
  • Update templates to use the s-grid
  • Various fixes to the templates
  • Update search and sitemap pages
  • Document custom scripts/plugins usage
  • Add changelog to the doc

v0.10.2 – 2014.06.04


  • Add no-tracking version of the foot scripts
  • Fix respondjs CDN loading
  • Fix broken header links toggles


  • Fix z-index and width of notifications
  • Fix border on links not having the same color as the text
  • Add more space around links on small devices
  • Fix word break in code blocks


  • Fix some typos and links to the templates

v0.10.1 – 2014.05.28


  • Do not add heading anchors on secondary headings


  • Remove tracking lib from the notracking scripts
  • Add missing notracking scripts
  • Various performance optimizations


  • Adjust tooltip pointer border size


  • Fix background colors being all gray
  • Fix 3rd-party library version not showing
  • Various performance optimizations

v0.10.0 – 2014.05.27



  • Enable GoogleAnalytics by default
  • Add no-tracking variants of the libraries
  • Fix jQuery noConflict mode and dependency with touch library


  • Fix the grid cells for small devices
  • Fix tooltip pointer position
  • Fix heading anchors positioning
  • Add styling for figure/figcaption
  • Add highlighting of social media links
  • Add some default styling for when JS is disabled
  • Add link to all results in auto-complete
  • Add panel-cell versions of panels for easier inclusion in grid cells
  • Update stroked tables styles
  • Adjust margin and spacing on in-line buttons, headings, media elements and table captions
  • Fix full-width cells not taking 100% width
  • Update print styles
  • Limit text area width to content width


  • Update installation procedure and page templates
  • Update to include modules and widget structures as well as more examples.
  • Add link to JS documentation
  • Updated page structure documentation
  • Place the page header in the correct place instead of the page content
  • Fix link to templates folder
  • Add documentation for panel-cell
  • Update 3rd-party libraries documentation and add version numbers
  • Open navigation tree to show current page
  • Load header from the static server


  • Update the global homepage template
  • Update localnav structure to match themainnav`
  • Fix images sizes
  • Add EPFL header includes without the local search
  • Add minimal template examples

v0.9.0 – 2014.05.09

First public beta