Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0

All websites using the framework need to target a Level A compliance. Level AA should be reached whenever possible.


Content is annotated using WAI-ARIA roles and states and properties. All widgets are WAI-ARIA compatible.

Access keys

All modern browsers support access keys to make keyboard-only navigation easier. To activate the access keys, they all need some modifier keys combination. Below is the list of theses combinations by browser and platform:

Browser Access Key modifier keys
Browser Platform Modifier keys
Chrome Windows/Linux Alt
Mac Ctrl + Opt
Firefox Windows/Linux Alt + Shift
Mac Ctrl + Opt
Internet Explorer Windows Alt
Safari Mac Ctrl + Opt
Windows Alt
Opera All Shift + Esc

The EPFL websites use an access key system derived from the UK Government Access Key Systems:

EPFL's Access Key Systems
Shortcut Target
C Skip to content
N Skip to main navigation
T Back to the top of the page
0 Go the the accessibility page
1 Go to the Homepage of the site
2 Go to the News page (if any)
3 Go to the sitemap
4 Focus the search field
5 Go to the FAQ page (if any)
6 Go to the Help page (if any)
7 Complaints procedure and feedback (if any)
8 Terms and conditions (if any)
9 Contact the website team (mailto link or link to a contact form)