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Marilyne Andersen

Full Professor, LIPID, ENAC

Prof. Andersen holds a MSc in Physics and a PhD in Building Physics from EPFL. She was a faculty member of MIT's Department of Architecture in 2004-2010 where she founded the MIT Daylighting Lab.

Martine Tiercy

Secretary, LAST, ENAC

Mrs. Tiercy takes care of LIPID’s administrative duties and shares her time with the Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies (LAST).

Boris Karamata

Research Scientist, LIPID, ENAC

Dr. Karamata investigates novel methods for solar energy collection and climate-adaptive facades. He holds a MSc in Microtechnical Engineering and a PhD in Optical Physics from EPFL.

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Foucart Alicia


Phone: +41 21 69 31901 +41 21 69 31902

Office: INN140,

Zwicky Claude


Phone: +41 21 69 34833 +41 21 69 34834

Office: CM2274


Aghroum Nicole


Phone: +41 21 69 31922

Office: CM2267


Hügli Isabelle


Phone: +41 21 69 30239

Office: CM2267

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Thomas Becker

Chef de groupe,

Tél : +41 21 69 32257 INN039
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Ion Cionca


Tél : +41 21 69 34586 INN016
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Francesco De Rose


Tél : +41 21 69 34257 +41 21 69 34258 INN015 INN015

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